ERHÉ Architecture is a creative and innovative architectural firm located in Bordeaux.

Our Skills
We can undertake your construction, renovation, extension and elevation projects for all types of properties, including homes, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and industries, without geographical limitations.

Our Values
Our projects are developed through playful architectural adaptability based on an intuitive, heart-warming approach. We use non-realistic drawings, models, and collages to create renderings that deliver and communicate the atmosphere of the project and its sense of place, revealing each context’s inherent logic and potential. We approach each project with no preconceived ideas, resulting in a non-linear narrative which makes each undertaking unique. This proactive process allows the imagination to speak of concepts, space, and materiality and use it to propose places that the individual can interpret and appropriate. At ERHÉ Architecture, we strive to create a setting where life can flourish in all its beauty by coexisting the architectural and landscape context with the human element.

The Way We Work
At ERHÉ Architecture, we work closely with project owners and their staff including CEOs, managers, administration, logistics, materials handling, etc. Our approach to project management is systemic, holistic, and multidisciplinary. We believe in a horizontal organisational structure that fosters collaboration and a sense of ownership among team members. Our agility and ability to achieve ambitious goals directly results from our collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence. At ERHÉ, we believe in equality and encourage our team to be proactive, think outside the box, and break free from traditional architectural codes and standards.

All documents published on this site are the intellectual and commercial property of ERHÉ and cannot be used, published or copied without the permission of the agency.

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